Cancer Game

12.09.2017 @ 7 PM SIU vs SEMO

Men's Jersey Leaderboard

Rank Name Bid
1 Timberline $1 500.00
2 MaguireU $1 017.00
3 CH $750.00
4 IndyDawg $500.00
5 Hartley $444.00
6 7988 $414.00
7 Salukigirl $405.00
8 hsheffer $400.00
9 Kjj $301.00
10 1965 $300.00
11 slickwilly1 $288.00
12 DebF $285.00

Congratulations to the Top 12 Bidders!

The auction is now closed! If your bid was in the top 12, you are scheduled to receive a game-worn Jersey with a name of your choice on the back.

An SIH Foundation representative will confirm your winning number and jersey name via email from the information you provided when you created your account.  If more information is needed or the number you have chosen is no longer available we will contact you via phone.

Please note:  If we need to call you for more information and are unable to reach you, we will leave a message.  You will be given a 1 hour window to return the call as we make contact with the 12 jersey winners in order of highest bidder to lowest bidder.  We will move on to the next person after the 1 hour window is exceeded.  At the time you make contact with us, we will assign your number from the remaining numbers. 

Please refer to the Jersey Rules tab for rules about the numbers and jersey names that are allowed. 

Thank you for your support!

Next Steps - Top 12 Bidders

Where Your Donation Goes

Cancer patientSaluki Athletics and the SIH Foundation are teaming up for the Salukis Blackout Cancer Basketball game. The SIH Foundation continues to lead fundraising efforts to support the SIH Cancer Institute, which opened in March 2015. The cancer center is providing quality state-of-the-art care, close to home, for cancer patients, caregivers and their families.

The Saluki Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams will be wearing special black Under Armour® jerseys for the Blackout Cancer games. Fans, businesses and organizations can bid online for these exclusive black Saluki jerseys. Learn more »